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About Us

Get the best adventure on your off-road expedition with vehicles that we’ll custom for you!

Our team of dedicated and passionate people managed to complete several custom projects that we are proud of.

This includes:

  • custom build off-road competitions vehicles – over 45 projects
  • major restoring 4×4 vehicles – over 68 projects
  • complete revisions and service fixes – over 15.000 projects
  • preparing and equipping 4×4 vehicles for expedition – over 3.000 projects
  • upgrading and installation of special off-road accessories (suspension, snorkel, winches, etc.) – over 4.500 projects

Considering the wide experience, in 2020, we laid the foundations of a new concept, TS ProCamper, which will handle with the manufacture of expedition vehicles, equipment and accessories for them.

Until now, the TS ProCamper brand has built over 20 projects, and at least 20 others are in the work or pending

Have a project in mind? Let’s get to work.